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20 Mar 2013 Most deck builders would typically support the free end of a deck this size on a beam made from two 2x12s The key to this exercise is understanding how different combinations of joist span, spacing, and size affect the framing's ability to withstand loads. Keep in mind that joist spacing may be dictated by the type of decking boards to be installed and how they are to be laid out.

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We'll walk you through the best ways to select lumber for a deck, examine quality, and more. Selecting lumber is a balancing act—among budget, beauty, and the function of the lumber (whether it will be used for framing or for decking and railings). . The nominal size of a board refers to the size before drying and planing; actual size means the size you actually get, and it's less than its nominal size in 

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Choosing good lumber will make your deck look better, last longer and go together faster. If you're unsure whether a board is too wet, compare its weight with that of an untreated board the same size; if it's twice as heavy and feels . framing: Set aside your straightest joists and use them for the perimeter of your deck.

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decking–If you choose pressure-treated lumber, you'll have a choice between 5/4 x 6 decking (1x5-1/2 actual size) or 2" material (typically 2x4 through 2x8, all 1-1/2" thick). The size and species of the decking you choose will determine the 

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deck-framing. Strategies. Ledger brackets, flexible flashing, and a joist-hanger jig are a few field-tested tricks for overcoming construction . toward the outside, and the deck boards won't be tight. . enough joists to fill a plank-size section.


While it is by no means a substitute for a proper table of spans and sizes of framing lumber, home inspectors often use a quick and dirty "rule of thumb" to guess whether or not deck floor framing has been obviously over-spanned when joists 

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A good book about deck building can further clarify this concept. Lumber sizes. Be aware that lumber actually has two sizes -- its nominal size (such as framing for the upper level rests on top of the lower-level framing and overlaps by 2 feet.

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In general, ledger boards are the same size as the floor joists. After selecting a straight piece of lumber for the ledger board, the ledger is bolted to the house's framing. Given the potential for injury should the deck break apart from the house, 

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deck Joist Sizing and Spacing. Step by step instructions and tips on how to frame. Learn how to install treated wood joists and beams to build a strong deck. advertisement. deck framing 

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decking and deck framing above ground shall be either cypress, Hardwood decking boards and deck framing containing sapwood For alternative sizes, spans and stress grades refer to AS 1684 Residential timber framed construction. For.

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Joist and deck board Spacing Guidance. The table below shows figures for domestic applications (uniformly distributed load 1.5kN/ m2) and commercial applications (uniformly distributed load 4.0kN/ m2). Dimensions stated represent the 

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1 Sep 2011 Given that most decks are less than 12 feet tall or so, 6x6 posts can support the loads from nearly any typical deck framed with standard dimensional lumber, as the maximum spans of the joists and beams limit the area and 

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Our basic deck support bearer layout in Fig.2 has an overall size of 3040 x 2400mm. The width of this basic When fixing your deckboard to the frame, use decking screws as they can easily be removed without damaging the wood. Clamping 

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You will learn how to size up the underlying structure of a deck so that you never have to rip a single expensive composite board. This means reducing wasted material to almost zero and a decking surface that looks like it does in the show 

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3 Jan 2013 framing your deck will allow you to build a solid base for your deck. Assembling the frame on the beams is the next step when installing your deck. For this

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2 x 12-inch framing boards framing nails. 1. Lay out footings and attach ledger board. Lay out footings - Build Raised deck. • Use batterboards and mason's The large size of the framing on this deck accommodates the future remodeling.

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Nails & Screws for Wood framing, Structural Fasteners, screws, nails, bolts, hidden fasteners used for wood frame Hidden deck Fasteners for deck boards; Screws for Use with deck Floors - decking deck Joist & Beam Sizing Tables & A 

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Most deck frames are made from treated white wood, or pine, which has strengths almost identical to untreated pine. Joist sizes. The following are the maximum spans that should be used for yellow pine, which is typical of most treated 

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13 Jul 2015 When planning a deck, one begins with the sizes of the framing material. This often is determined by the joist span needed. Joists typically extend from the ledger-board connected to the house. To reduce cost and material 

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wood decks that are attached to the house to resist lateral forces. [R507.2.3]. 2. Overall deck length shall be equal to or less than overall deck width. See deck framing PLAN for definition of deck length and width. 3. Minimum post size is