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26 Jan 2018 There are many species of hardwoods to choose from. and you can find beautiful looks from native species such as Oak or maple, or exotics such as Brazilian Cherry and Acacia Wood flooring. hardwood flooring comes in 

Choosing Between Maple and Oak Hardwood Floors Unique Wood

13 Sep 2017 maple and oak remain the most popular domestic hardwood floor options. Understand the pros and cons of each hardwood flooring choice.

Compare 2018 Average Oak vs Maple Hardwood Flooring Costs

Read our expert side by side comparison of oak and maple hardwood flooring and find out which is the best choice for you. pros of Oak. Durable - Oak is a strong wood that is highly resistant to dents and scratches. Lots of character - The distinctive cons of Oak. More expensive - Oak is slightly pricier than maple. More imperfections - To some, the distinctive wood grain is not an attractive feature.

Acacia Wood Flooring: Pros & Cons, Reviews and Pricing

Discover the beauty of acacia wood floors and learn about the pros and cons of acacia wood. The acacia species used in hardwood flooring are grouped into two categories: small leaf acacia and large leaf acacia. Durability and wear – Acacia is harder than oak and maple and provides many years of dependable wear before refinishing or replacing is required (see Durability & Hardness below for 

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Many people choose solid hardwood flooring for their homes and premises because it offers that classic, stylish and elegant look that you can't achieve with other types of flooring. It adds a touch of class and is also a very durable and 

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hardwood Floors In Kitchens - pros & cons Often on many minds is what's the best hardwood floor for a kitchen? Other more open grained and lighter colored hardwoods in the likes of maple and Birch should be avoided unless you live 

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27 Sep 2016 Visit our website at: Being a glamorous variety of hardwood flooring, the use of

Hardwood Flooring: Pros and Cons to Wooden Floor Types realtor

5 Jan 2015 The classic solid hardwood floor is oak, but in the stores you will also see a range of wooden floor types from maple to fir, walnut, birch, cherry, and beech. Pine is also used a lot in Country-style and reproduction houses, 

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maple flooring pros and cons. maple wood has a Janka hardness factor of 1450, which is harder than Red Oak, but softer than Hickory. On the pro side, maple flooring goes very well with modern home decor. On the con side, maple flooring, 

Hardwood Flooring Types - The Home Flooring Pros Guide

Many domestic wood types are used, with oak, maple and ash among the favorites. The market has Engineered hardwood: This flooring, sometimes referred to simply as engineered flooring, has its pros and cons. It was developed for 

About Hard Maple Hardwood Flooring - YouTube

12 Aug 2009 Co-founder Rob Banks talks about the pros and cons of choosing hard maple hardwood flooring for your home or office.

Maple Flooring Pros and Cons - YouTube

21 Mar 2017 I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (https://youtube/upload) maple flooring pros and cons,maple hardwood flooring pros and cons ,engineered hardwood flooring ,discount laminate flooring 

Mike Holmes: Hardwood — solid or engineered? National Post

3 Dec 2013 When it comes to hardwood flooring, there's solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. People are always asking me which one is better, but both have their pros and cons. Solid hardwood floors are just that — they're made 

Most popular hardwood flooring species and pictures

29 Mar 2015 Understanding the characteristics, as well as the pros and cons, will help you select the ideal species for your home. Please note that this With maple flooring, there is a wide variance on the grades of hardwood. Clear grade 

Exotic Wood Flooring Types - Pros and Cons - Part I Express Flooring

4 Oct 2013 Exotic wood flooring types and their pros and cons. Exotic woods are the wood People are generally cynical about the expenditure on hardwood flooring and prefer other flooring options to cut their budgets. But the fact is 

Engineered Hardwood Flooring - pros, cons, install, & cost

With an exotic or even highly-coveted hardwood, such as maple, engineered flooring is likely to be cheaper overall. For more common hardwoods, solid wood flooring may be cheaper overall, although it will still take longer to install.

Oak, Maple & Hickory Flooring: Pros vs Cons, Reviews & Comparisons

2 Jun 2017 Expert pros, cons and reviews of maple flooring, oak flooring & hickory flooring, and how each type of hardwood flooring compares to each other.

Maple Flooring: Pros & Cons, Reviews and Pricing

In this installment of our hardwood species articles, we're going to have an in-depth look at the beautiful options available in maple hardwood flooring. With its delicate grain and creamy-blonde tones, maple has always been a strong favorite 

Weighing on Neutral Grounds the Pros and Cons of Maple Flooring

maple flooring is an exotic variety of hardwood flooring, that a lot of home owners are choosing for their homes. While a lot of people are taken in by the looks and beauty of this flooring, it is important to understand whether it is really suited for 

Maple Hardwood Flooring: Pros and Cons DoItYourself

maple hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition to any room. As with any hardwood flooring, there are benefits and drawbacks to this type of wood. consider the following before you decide maple hardwood is the best option for your needs.

Hardwood Flooring Trends: Our Comprehensive Selection Guide

21 Jul 2017 With hardwood flooring, it's easy to get caught up in options and what's trending now, but it's important to look at hardwood from both sides of the fence. Related: Your Guide to Radiant Floor Heating: The pros and cons.

Oak Flooring Vs Maple and Hickory Flooring - Home Flooring Pros

Compare and contrast with Home flooring pros. For fans of solid hardwood flooring, or engineered hardwood, oak, maple and hickory are three favorites. Each wood More pros and cons of Oak, maple and Hickory hardwood flooring.

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Wood Real Simple

Don't know your pine from your maple? Here, everything you need to know about the types of wood commonly used for furniture.