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Strelam Decorative Laminate · Streven Veneered Panels · Resysta · Domestic flooring · OSB · Chipboard · engineered wood Products » + Falcon Panel Products are the exclusive UK distributor of Resysta's range of products including; cladding, decking, Resysta requires minimal care and offers the look and feel of wood. Deck Boards, Joists and Accessories Rectangular or rhombus for ventilation facade and sunscreen Profiled rainscreen with aluminium U profile mounting 

Thermory Brochure 2018

Our Benchmark Series. 14. DECKING. CLADDING. porch flooring. APPLICATIONS. WHITE ASH. SCOTS PINE. SPECIES. EXOTIC The first product in our Rebel Series - get the look of reclaimed wood without the variables and risks. Drift comes in a or engineered, come close to Sunlight and rain impact the speed at which our products age, but the result .. rain screen system. Unlike similar 

Rain Screen Products - Mataverde Decking

A rain screen wood Siding System is a handsome and healthy way to add sustainable design and natural beauty to your home or structure. These ancient and ingenius cladding systems help walls manage moisture in a sustainable and 

Climate-Shield Rain Screen System Receives US Patent

28 Jun 2016 Because it requires no wood furring strips to create its back ventilated wall cavity, the Climate-Shield system creates a pressure-equalized rain screen that is engineered to withstand hurricane force winds in excess of 200 

Rain Screen Wood Siding System - Climate-Shield

Because the entire rain screen system is exceptionally well engineered and fully patented, you can rest assured that the integrity The Climate-Shield CS 2 rain screen clip and fasteners are the heart of the rain screen wood siding system.

Parklex USA

These products can be used as a ventilated façades and rain screens, slat walls, lap siding, louvers, soffits and curved walls. Discover Facade. engineered hardwood flooring. With the warmth and beauty of the real wood it is made from, Hy Tek wood flooring is extremely scratch, stain, and wear resistant, pet friendly and UV 

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Check out a full assortment of rain screen materials and rain screen stock list. More rain screen Components. Climate-Shield™ rain screen wood Siding System logo LAMBOO® Climate-Shield engineered Bamboo Siding. LAMBOO® 

Understanding Porches - Restoration & Design for the Vintage

31 May 2016 porches are subject to the insidious force of all weathers, from driving rain and bleaching sun to wind-driven snow and It's important that wood posts and columns not come in direct contact with the wood floor of the porch. . Outfit your front porch or screened porch as it was meant to be—an outdoor room with personality, comfort, color, and texture. MTI offers fine bath products in acrylic, engineered solid stone and wood, all manufactured with care in the USA.

Ipe Vertical Rain Screen Installation - Mataverde Decking

14 Aug 2013 Ipe hardwood siding and the Climate-Shield rain screen System were selected for this ipe rain screen The Climate-Shield rain screen System used on this project is engineered to withstand 200 MPH hurricane winds.

Composite Cladding - Fiberon

Fiberon capped composite cladding, for exterior rain screen applications, delivers benefits not found with wood, fiber-cement, stucco or other common siding materials. It's easy to install and never needs painting, staining, or refinishing.

Wood Siding - Batu Hardwood, Ipe & Cumaru - Rainscreen & Bevel

wood Siding Products in Batu Mahogany, Ipe & Cumaru wood, rainscreen & Bevel Hardwood Siding, wood Siding Nova offers an oil finish perfect for exotic wood siding and decking applications called ExoShield along with online 

Climate-Shield Patented Rain Screen Clip is made in the USA

This is a rain clip. used to hold engineered wood panels Ipe rainscreen cladding and matine grade aluminum rainscreen clips last a long timed rain screen siding system assembly including starter rail, siding vent and rain screen.

Is Climate-Shield the Best Rain Screen System? - Mataverde Decking

25 Feb 2016 The Climate-Shield System has been engineered to withstand hurricane force winds in excess of 200 MPH, Please visit our website for additional information about the Climate-Shield rain screen system, wood siding 


These products can be used as a ventilated façades and rain screens, slat walls, lap siding, louvers, soffits and curved walls. Discover Facade. engineered hardwood flooring. With the warmth and beauty of the real wood it is made from, Hy Tek wood flooring is extremely scratch, stain, and wear resistant, pet friendly and UV 

Thermory USA

Thermory is an established brand of exterior wood products, manufactured from North American and European The choice between a composite deck and a real-wood deck is a combination of priorities, expectations and knowledge.

Rain Screen Siding FAQ's - Mataverde Decking

The Climate-Shield rain screen Siding System is specifically engineered to work with any hardwood or softwood siding specie that is appropriate for an exterior application. The project designer is truly free to work with reclaimed wood siding, 

Installing a Wood Rain Screen Vertically on a Curved Wall

21 Feb 2017 Property owners can also be comforted by the fact that their wood rain screen is not only beautiful – it is a high performance system that is engineered to protect their investment and reduces life-cycle costs markedly.

Pier 17 Uses FSC Hardwood Decking and Hardwood Rain Screen

19 Sep 2017 FSC certified Jatoba hardwood decking and hardwood rain screen siding were used on the Pier 17 revitalization project in NYC. The wide-open deck spaces, situated directly on the waterfront, provide a welcome respite for visitors and the area's growing Climate-Shield is engineered to exceed the wind load requirements for hurricane winds more than 200 MPH, which make it an 

Deck Installation Tips: Installing Decking Over Sleepers

10 Jul 2013 Architects and builders often ask us for deck installtion tips when installing Ipe and other hardwood decking on Before attempting to design and build a deck or install decking on sleepers (over a concrete slab or in a rooftop . This well designed and engineered patio-top, balcony or rooftop deck system features adjustable pedestals and aluminum joists. Download the ultimate decking guide Download the ultimate rain screen guide Request rain screen quote 

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24 Jul 2015 Water will blow through the screens and all screened porch floors must accommodate for draining. Each are our porch floors are gently sloped and also provide drainage for water. porch floor 1: Below is a mortared down brick 

Lamboo Rain Screen Siding - Mataverde Decking

Lamboo rain screen siding and architectural cladding is a beautiful and fully sustainable design option for the the world, Lamboo® has selected only the four best looking and best performing species for their engineered wood siding.

Cumaru hardwood used in rain screen system Modern Fixtures

engineered wood siding Monaco Global website coming soon. Mataverde Ipe rain screen wood siding is a beautiful and sustainable architectural cladding material. .. Garapa Deck - Garapa deck using 5/4x6 garapa decking boards.

Climate-Shield Rain Screen Clip is US Made - Mataverde Decking

30 Aug 2012 The Climate-Shield™ rain screen wood Siding Clip is made in the USA and complies with the Buy America Act. The fastening power of the Climate-Shield rain screen Clip is so strong, it is engineered to withstand the