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DIY Network has step-by-step instructions on how to build a backyard deck. how to build a deck. Find complete instructions on how to construct a deck from the ground up. Similar topics: deck building decks Outdoor Spaces Backyards 

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For a small deck, 10 × 12 feet, for example, determine how much lumber you'll need by using your detailed plans to count all the pieces of each The ends of stock decking lengths won't always fall exactly on joists spaced on 16-inch centers.

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5 apr 2016 to be clear on the design, the material list and the labor estimate. We will go through the process now. We want to design the deck to fit the house and the land slope. We will use a simple 16 feet wide by 12 feet square design 

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deck explained. This Seventrust guide explains how to build a single level raised deck for outdoor entertaining and outdoor relaxing. Estimated time (not including curing time): 14-16 hours. 3. Plumb and brace posts build a 24-foot beam made of doubled 2 x 12 boards on top of the row of posts parallel to the house.

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add an area for outdoor entertaining and relaxing by building a ground-level deck Use batterboards and mason's string lines to lay out footing locations for a deck that is approximately 8 feet wide and 10 feet Each hole is 12 inches deep.

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This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to build a beautiful and functional floating deck, or freestanding deck, 12 amp Reciprocating Saw - 204601267 .. attach each joist hanger at 16-in. on center for strong support under foot.

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There's building a deck – and then there's building a deck that will last for as long as your house does. See how a circular saw, drill, tape measure, chalk line, hammer and posthole digger can be adequate for building anything from a simple 12 x 12-ft. deck to an elaborate . toenail the joist into the beam and measure from the joist to make 16-in. layout marks on the top of the beam for joist placement.

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27 Jul 2010 Start in the short side of your new 90 degree angle and measure up 6 feet and make a mark. an x (this denotes that the joist starts at 15 1/4 inches and covers the x so that the center of the joist will fall exactly on 16 inches).

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The deck shown here features a pressure-treated floor frame that's supported by a ledger board and concrete piers, and topped with 5/4-inch decking. and because For interior joists, tom halves the span then adds two—a joist spanning 8 feet warrants a 2x6. . Glue them up with construction adhesive and nail them together from both sides with 12d nails, spaced every 16 inches in a zigzag pattern.

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Some I figured out by actually constructing the decks; others, by watching them age over the years. If, for example, I'm building a composite deck, 12- and 20-ft. lengths might be the only options. For a 16-ft.-wide deck, I might seam it to have 

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12 x 16 deck Plans 12 x 20 Traditional deck. Image Detail for - 12 x 24 patio deck. decks By Design - deck Designs .. a beautiful 2 level deck with EZ deck floor, cedar trim, rail and privacy screen is approximately 400 sq/ft. The white 

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29 aug 2012 to build our 20- by 12-foot deck's foundation, we planned for the 4-by-4 support beams to be placed parallel to the ledger board at 5½ feet and 11 feet from the house. Distances will vary depending on the specific size of the 

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24 May 2018 Once you've selected the style of your new 12 feet-by-16 feet deck, it is important to select the proper type and quantity of all materials. Purchasing in advance will prevent construction delays, avoiding interruptions while you 

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Calculate edit draw and print full deck plans with material costs - Imperial. deck Calculator - Stumps, Bearers, Joists and Boards with Individual + total Costs and Connections (fasteners) .. 5 7~1/4" x 2~1/2" = 120 linear feet ~ 15.1 ft³

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The average 12x24-foot deck can be installed in a couple of weekends by anyone -- man or woman, young or old the cost per linear foot of a 12-foot board is likely to be several cents less than the cost of either an 8-foot or a 16-foot board.