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investigation of durability of wearing surfaces for frp bridge decks

Chapter 2 Deterioration of Wearing Surfaces on FRP bridge decks. Chapter Two .. On a life cycle basis, composites should be cost-effective. deteriorated steel, wood or concrete bridge deck with an FRP deck is a success. However, the 

Sustainability and Lifecycle Assessment of Timber-Concrete

Over the last few years there has been a renewed interest on the use of timber-concrete composite (TCC) structures in bridge decks, possibly because of their cost competitiveness and environmental friendliness. Accordingly, this paper 

Life cycle assessment of bridges, model (PDF Download Available)

tool for bridge LCA; and iv) explore the feasibility of combining LCA with life cycle cost (LCC). The developed . Haler (2011), "Life cycle impacts assessment of steel, composite, concrete and wooden. columns" Two bridge deck systems.

Opportunities for the use of Aluminum in Vehicular Bridge Construction

the existing heavy steel and wood deck of the Smithfield Street bridge in Pittsburgh with an aluminum deck in 1933. The resulting .. Initial construction cost and life-cycle cost comparisons of aluminum structures, including bridges and bridge.

Life cycle assessment of large scale timber bridges: A case study

This study aims to determine the expected emissions from both construction designs by using life cycle assessment. . can be utilized in other large structures, including in road bridges (Norwegian wood Technology Institute, 2007; Bouhaya et al., 2009; Rodrigues et al., 2013; Dias et al., 2016). . bridge deck overhang for the timber bridge design (Statens Vegvesen and Innovation Norway, 2017).

Life cycle assessment framework for railway bridges: literature - VBN

14 Dec 2012 Aalborg Universitet. Literature review of life cycle assessment for railway bridges: critical issues and .. Life expectancy, severe morbidity,morbidity,severe nuisance, nuisance,crop growth capacity, wood growth capacity, fish and .. between a steel–concrete composite bridge deck and a concrete bridge 

Life cycle assessment framework for railway bridges: literature

(2005) applied a comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) between two bridge deck systems over a 60 years' service life. One deck . wooden arch bridge and 39.3 meters Hillersvika concrete box girder bridge. The study considered the main.

principles of using life-cycle assessment in bridge analysis

other an ECC link slab design). Over 60 years of service life , the ECC bridge deck system was found to have “significant advantages in environmental performance: 40% less life cycle energy consumption,. 50% less solid waste generation, 

FiberSPAN Decking Replaces Traditional Wood for Two Aging Bridges

30 Mar 2015 “Both bridge owners were looking for a product with a longer life cycle,” says Scott Reeve, president of The ACFC bridge in Hayward needed an FRP deck size that could match the thicknesses of the original wood deck to 

Service life assessment of timber highway bridges in USA climate

As engineers begin to estimate life-cycle costs and sustainable design approaches for timber bridges, there is a need for more reliable data about their The most popular superstructure system studied in this project was the multiple sawn stringer and plank deck system. This system was evaluated in a number of wood hazard (climate) zones with numerous examples of 60 or 70 year service records.

Bridge Deck Design - Federal Highway Administration - US

17 Nov 2012 bridges, presenting deck types such as concrete deck slabs, metal grid decks, orthotropic steel decks, wood decks, and several others. initial cost, life cycle cost, durability, weight, or owner requirements. For the deck types 

Life Cycle Maintenance Costs: PermaTrak vs. Wood/Composite

20 Oct 2015 Chart shows maintenance costs of PermaTrak compared to wood or composite decking. But on a commercial boardwalk or pedestrian bridge, having at least a rough "guesstimate" for life cycle maintenance costs is 

Life Cycle Cost of Bridges - Infrastructure Technology Institute

below the deck, and each leaf is turned by the action of fixed pinions that rotate and mesh with curved racks on the tail-ends of the three trusses arching above the roadway. Originally, these bridges had simple, wood frame operator houses 


"Lifelong Adapted bridge" or, more freely, "bridge Life Cycle Optimisation". Stage I and is limited only to bridge life cycle cost (LCC) issues. Besides the He mentions that the service life of wooden deck planks varies between 6 and 8.

Life Cycle Assessment of Railway Bridges - DiVA

Life Cycle Assessment of. Railway bridges. Developing a LCA tool for evaluating Railway. bridges. Lorea García San Martín. TRITA-BKN. . to recycle 70 % of the concrete and 90 % of the steel; all the wood used for formwork was Cycle Cost Model for Evaluating the sustainability of bridge decks: A comparison of 

Life Cycle Assessment of a Norwegian Bridge - BIBSYS Brage

effective bridge deck area through a lifetime of 100 years. When the as a large literature review of previous bridge life cycle assessment studies help me ensure the bridge, a concrete box girder bridge and a wooden arch bridge.

Empirical Study of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Bridges

Formulate a cost model for bridge life-cycle cost. • Determine . Major MRR cost items are deck overlays, structural repairs . Concrete. Continuous. Steel. Steel. Continuous. Pre-stressed. Concrete. Pre-stressed. Concrete. Continuous. wood.

Design of short-span bridges with regard to life cycle costs

Graph showing how the life cycle cost (LCC) varies, depending on at which age of a .. o Width of bridge deck = Equivalent to a 2-lane highway, i.e. ~7 m On the left hand side of the “cost summary” window, a model-tree can be found.

Efficient Load Rating and Quantification of Life-Cycle Damage of

Efficient Load Rating and Quantification of Life-Cycle Damage of Indiana bridges due to . 3.2 Finite Element Modeling of Concrete-Deck-on-Steel Girder bridges . *Max. truck has 8 tires per axle and was introduced by wood et al. (2007).

Aluminum Products for Bridges and Bridge Decks

aluminum bridge deck was used to replace an earlier steel and wood deck on Pittsburgh's Smithfield Street bridge in order to increase its live-load cost over the entire life of a bridge (life-cycle cost), the usual reliance upon separate new.

Wooden bridges Wood Products

Assembly overcomes perhaps the most difficult phase, as it may be possible to lay the bridge deck as a single unit. and experience in other countries, wooden bridges are very competitive in terms of both construction and life-cycle costs.

Developing Condition-Based Triggers for Bridge Deck Maintenance

Developing Condition-Based Triggers for bridge Deck Maintenance and Rehabilitation Treatments Results indicate that different weighting would have an impact on the optimal trigger that leads to the lowest life-cycle cost. The case study shows that the optimal The original decision tree in the Indiana bridge Management System was modified to incorporate results from this paper. It is expected that